Tatler editor Kate Reardon talks to Sixth Form

Girls in the Sixth Form were pleased to hear from Kate Reardon, editor of the fashion and lifestyle magazine Tatler, at a recent evening lecture at Wycombe Abbey.

She advised girls to practise failing well. If they could react without wild emotion or anger to small setbacks, then they would be prepared to cope when life went wrong.

The fashion journalist said that the girls belong to a generation who worry about disappointment and letting themselves or their parents down, but failure is an inevitable part of life.

“You are all going to fail! Something is going to go horribly wrong”, she told the sixth formers. “When it does, the only thing that matters is how you react”.

She also spoke about beating writers' block, the process of coming up with fresh ideas and the advantages of finding a career that you love.

Ms Reardon began her career in fashion journalism at American Vogue, before becoming Tatler's youngest ever fashion director at the age of 21. She spent eleven years as Contributing Editor at Vanity Fair before becoming editor of Tatler in 2010.