Entry into the Sixth Form

A number of places are open to able candidates wishing to join Wycombe Abbey in the Sixth Form. 

Candidates should be registered at least 15 months prior to entry by submission of a completed registration form, accompanied by the (non-returnable) registration fee (currently £200).

Please note that all candidates are required to have an excellent command of written and spoken English.

Places are subject to availability and entry is competitive, subject to performance in the Sixth Form entrance examinations. Entry is also subject to a satisfactory report from the candidate's current school; candidates are strongly advised to inform their school of their intention to apply to Wycombe Abbey.  In addition, candidates will be expected to have achieved the equivalent of nine GCSE/IGCSE/GCE passes at grade A* and A (or grade 9 in the new English and Maths GCSE) by the time they join Wycombe Abbey.

There is a two-stage admissions process:

1.  All candidates will be required to come to Wycombe Abbey for an interview and English examination.  Interviews and examinations will take place on specified dates in the Spring and Summer Terms of the calendar year prior to entry (Year 10), i.e. for entry in September 2018, initial interviews and examinations will take place in Spring/Summer 2017.

2.  Candidates who meet the required standard in both the interview and the English examination will be invited to sit the Sixth Form Entrance examinations in November of the academic year prior to entry (Year 11)*.  Candidates are required to sit papers in the subjects that they are proposing to study for AS level; these are based on the GCSE/IGCSE/GCE level syllabuses.  Overseas candidates may sit the entry papers at the British Council in their home country.  UK candidates will take the examinations at Wycombe Abbey.  We regret that specimen papers are not available for any of the examinations.

Places will be offered to those candidates who perform best in the examinations.

*In the exceptional circumstance that the November examinations clash with a recognised external examination such as GCSE/IGCSE, alternative arrangements may be made at the discretion of the School. Candidates must inform the Admissions Office well in advance and provide written evidence.

If your daughter attends a school which does not follow the standard British curriculum of GCSE/IGCSE courses (or GCE O levels) we strongly advise you to check individual university entry requirements via websites. Students not able to offer GCSE/IGCSEs or equivalent in the nine or ten subjects achieved by the majority of UK university applicants may be disadvantaged.