The fees for 2016/2017 are £12,250 per term for boarders and £9,188 for day boarders.

The School Council is committed to balancing the need to contain costs alongside making continuous improvements to the academic provision, the boarding houses and the infrastructure.

Fees cover the many costs associated with running the School and include tuition, board, lodging, laundry, personal accident insurance, the majority of educational materials and educational visits, and the cost of the weekend activities programme. Private tuition incurs an extra charge.

At the beginning of each holiday, a girl's School account is sent to her parent or other person responsible for her fees. The School account includes the School fee for the following term, together with extras from the preceding term. For those with UK bank accounts, School accounts must be paid by direct debit on the first day of the term or in 12 monthly installments starting in July. For parents who do not have a UK bank account, payment is required by direct transfer by the first day of term.

The School offers a pre-paid fees scheme which may be of interest to parents who have a capital sum available. Putting a payment down in advance has the attractions of securing a chosen amount towards each future School account and a discount.

For more information contact Tania Dovey, our accountant doveyt@wycombeabbey.com.